An informed, skilled, motivated and result orientated staff complement ranks as the cardinal asset in the Company's quest for growth and profits.

Promotion from within is viewed as a desirable objective, but which must not act as a deterrent to Company progress. Self-development supported by in-company programs to foster managerial skills is viewed a joint responsibility of the individual and the Organisation and will be diligently pursued on the corporate front.
It is recognised, excepted and advocated that the future of SPES GUARD SECURITY SERVICES cc is as BIG as the utilised potential of it's people and in the pursuit of EXCELLENCE the essential DIGNITY of the individual is to be represented as a precious commodity which must be nourished and preserved.

Consequently all employment is performed on a non racial basis, but with emphasis solely on the ability to perform the specific functions required from time to time.


The recruitment of the right people for the job, within the Security Industry, is of critical importance and indeed the first security step.

A Security Company is only as good as the products and service it provides and the quality and trustworthiness of the people who ensure that the products and service meet the Customer's requirements.

In this process of providing the best person for the job, the recruitment process is a critical factor. In the Security Industry, the main recruitment criteria are as follows: Can the person do the job, will they fit in and will they stay. In SPES GUARD SECURITY SERVICE'S case, another two criteria can be added to this list: that the applicant be registered with the Security Officers Board (SOB) and that his or her honesty and trustworthiness be such that they are completely above suspicion.

The question of "Will the person fit in with the Company and its culture?", represents the “soft” side of recruitment. Aspects such as the applicant's disposition, attitude and values are looked at. It is vital that these correspond to those of the Company or the person will feel like the proverbial square peg in a round hole.

Through careful selection, SPES GUARD SECURITY SERVICES cc has mostly been able to ensure that its employees fit in with its corporate culture, without discrimination on the grounds of either age, sex, race, language or religious and political affiliations.

It is SPES GUARD SECURITY SERVICE'S number one priority to provide its Customers with a professional service and thus the initial screening and training of personnel is rigorous.


All Security Officers must be in possession of a Training Certificate issued by an Accredited Training Centre before employment will be offered. Firearm training is done regularly by a accredited and qualified Instructor. Security Officers showing the necessary aptitude are encouraged to attend training to further their careers and to better their grading.


All Security Officers are issued with two sets of our standard uniforms. Uniforms must be worn at all times and inspections are held on a daily basis to ensure that this is adhered to.


Rosters for Security Officers are done in advance to ensure everybody knows where and when to be on duty. Security Officers are deployed from our offices thus ensuring that all sites are covered.


SPES GUARD SECURITY SERVICES cc has employed an independent company to assist with supervision. This service is provided over and above the normal 24 Hour supervision done by our own Supervisors. Management is available on a 24 Hour basis should an emergency require such.


We operate a 24 Hour Control Centre with Radio Communication linked to all our sites and vehicles doing patrol duties. Other equipment includes anti riot equipment, firearms, clocking systems etc.


SPES GUARD SECURITY SERVICES cc supplies OCCURRENCE BOOKS and ACCESS CONTROL REGISTERS to our Customers without any further cost. Monthly reports are done on request. Please note that our PRETORIA OPERATION STARTED ON 07 MAY 1997.